The media showed a video of the arrival in Moscow of Ukrainian journalists released

The TV channel “Russia 24” showed a video of the arrival in Moscow of the released Ukrainian journalists Vitaly Didenko and Helen Glescinskas.

They delivered the aircraft flight detachment “Russia” at Vnukovo airport. Along with Glescinskas arrived of 1.5-month-old son, at whom serious problems with health. The child, according to the TV channel, needs skilled treatment, his condition is stable heavy.

Upon arrival in Moscow, the journalists thanked the Russian authorities for assistance in their release. “Really the fact that Russia interfered in our business and has helped us out is a miracle. This allowed us to be free people,” said Sliwinska (hereinafter, quoted by “Interfax”). She added that the possibility of liberation found out the day before.

The journalists also said the conditions of detention in Ukrainian prisons. According to Didenko, where “human rights are violated, it is very crowded, stuffy, a bunch of sores you can catch. Sliwinska confirmed the harsh conditions of detention in prisons.

Journalists also said that while in prison they were put under pressure to get to incriminate themselves. According to journalists, they were convicted for political reasons. “Of course, this is purely a political matter, is hunting for the so-called separatists,” said Sliwinska,

Didenko also said that they “just stick to alternative lines on certain socio – political processes that have been in the country.”

Video: Russia 24

Director of TV company “New Wave” Sliwinska were arrested in 2015, on suspicion of “separatism and treason.” She is also an activist of the movement “people’s Parliament of Bessarabia”, which protects the interests of the minority in Odessa region.

The journalist’s arrival in the capital added that “the national Council of Bessarabia” of the national-cultural movement, not connected with politics”.

In relation to the editor of the website “InfoCenter” Didenko last year also opened a criminal case under article “encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

Earlier in the day Odessa edition “Timer” reported that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree to pardon Didenko. Without specifying sources, the media claimed that he and Slishinsky needs to be exchanged for two convicted in Russia of Ukrainians.”

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about pardon of two citizens of Ukraine — Gennady Afanasyev and Yuri Soloshenko. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko previously said that the law Soloshenko to return to Ukraine.