MTS will offer customers free your Bank relationship

Telecom operator MTS and MTS Bank (top-50 Russian banks with assets 168,7 billion rubles) issued a Bank card of MTS Smart Money” is spoken in the message of MTS. Card holders will have free access to the Internet at home and on trips to Russia, as well as calls to MTS subscribers in the country. For this they need to pay by card for goods and services in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. per month or hold on the card account 50 thousand.

“MTS Smart Money is a debit Visa card with chip and PayWave for contactless payments. It can be arranged in the salons of MTS and MTS Bank’s offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and from 1 July 2016 across the country. Users are required to connect the tariff plan of the Smart line and pay one-time fee for the card in the amount of RUB 199 in compliance With the “free” conditions, the card holders will also receive free monthly card maintenance, SMS transaction alerts and the ability of the Commission to withdraw money in more than 90 thousand ATMs across Russia.

The number of users of financial and banking services under the MTS brand in Russia by the end of 2015 amounted to about 11.5 million subscribers, or more than 15% of the entire subscriber base, told RBC representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov. According to him, at the end of 2014, these figures were about 9 million and 12% respectively. The turnover on transactions, which include mobile Commerce, payments, type of payments and financial transactions in retail, at the end of 2015 rose to 184 billion RUB 127 billion RUB, the company informed. The goal of MTS is to increase the number of users of financial and banking services by the end of 2017 to 20 million, said Solodovnikov.

Among the subscribers of “MegaFon” there are already more than 10 million users of financial services, told a representative of the operator Julia Dorokhin. MegaFon has introduced a procedure for payment of goods and services from a mobile account and expands the list of partners in the networks of which it is possible to spend funds from the account, she said. According to Dorogino in the near future the operator will present a number of new financial products for subscribers”, but the details were not disclosed.

“This proposal [cards “MTS Smart Money] is clearly intended to in large letters and place words on the free connection on billboards and in television commercials, hiding all the important conditions that negate its value for the small print,” — said the representative of Tele2 Konstantin Prokshin. The representative “VympelCom” has not responded to a request to RBC at the time of publication notes.

Benefit offers MTS depends on the user, his consumption as communication services and other goods and services, told RBC head of wireless technologies Department, J’son & Partners Consulting Vitaly Solonin. The offer may be attractive to those who spend from the card more than 10 thousand rubles a month, he said. Solonin calls the service “shareware connection”: for example, the user is keep in the account the minimum required 50 thousand rubles., can put it in the account, to receive interest and to pay mobile communication, explained the expert. If you try and find great Bank and a good rate, the needs of the average subscriber in mobile communications will be fully met, he said.

VimpelCom and Alfa-Bank

In August 2015, “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) has launched a payment service “Beeline-translation”, card acquiring, which provides Alfa-Bank: the operator and the Bank are controlled by structures “the alpha-groups”. It allows customers to make instant transfers with Bank card and mobile phone account. Send the money as possible for the other operator and maps. Minimum transfer amount — 10 RUB., the maximum is 14.4 thousand RUB net investment in the project and the expected return of the head of Department on development of financial products, “Beeline” Illarion Yalovenko was not disclosed. At the presentation of the service he said the company expects “billions of rubles” in the form of transfers in the first year of operation.