Media reported about the detention of two Russian fans in Lille

Police detained two Russian fans in the centre of the French Lille, reports Sky Sports.

While official confirmation of this information. In turn, the Agency “R-Sport” reports that British fans provoke the Russians. It is reported about the detention of fans, but their nationality is not called.

Earlier it was reported that near the Central railway station
Lille there were clashes between British and Russian fans. Photographers Reuters reported that the Russians appeared in front of the bar, where there were English fans and “provoked” them. Those in the answer began to throw chairs, but the situation normalized by the arrival of the police.

In Lille on Wednesday will be the match between team Russia and Slovakia. The British team will play against Wales in lens (is 40 km from Lille).

Earlier in the day the head of the Russian Association of fans (VOB) Alexander Spragin told RBC that 44 Russian fans arrested in France on the day. The bus with them on Tuesday morning stopped in Cannes.

He suggested that changing the position of the French authorities related to the condition of an Englishman, injured during the riots. “He ceased to function brain and will probably be announced about his death,” suggested Spragin.

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