Moscow reported the arrival in Aleppo of the insurgents with heavy weapons

In the settlements of Barkan and ICARDA in Aleppo province arrived more than 100 militants of the outlawed terrorist group “dzhebhat an-Nusra with heavy weapons. This is stated in the information Bulletin of the centre for reconciliation in Syria, published on the website of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the center received reports of the military preparations of the terrorists in the settlements of El-es and El-Khader in the province of Aleppo to commit acts of terrorism and combat action.

The Ministry said that in the area of the settlement Codehe transferred units of Syrian government forces to prevent the blocking of the city of Aleppo from the South.

Also, the Bulletin States that in Aleppo improvised from artillery and mortars was astrelina urban neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsood, Meydan, al-Hamdia, al-Suryanis, Asia, airport, EN-Nirob. The terrorists also fired at settlements in the provinces of Idlib, Latakia, Hama and Damascus.

From 27 February 2016 in Syria, the cease-fire, which is not rasprostranyaetsya on groups deemed terrorist by the UN security Council.