In a hang gliding accident in Moscow killed the pilot

In Mozhaisk district of the Moscow region crashed glider, according to the management of emergencies in the Moscow region.

The incident occurred in the village of Goretovo. Information on incident arrived at 21:30 GMT. According to the Department, during the collapse of the hang glider is injured. But did not specify whether he survived or died.

At the same time, the source of “Interfax” in emergency services reported that the pilot of the crash of the glider were killed. He added that the dead pilot was born in 1975. He took off from a suburban area, located in a village of Mozhaysky district, and crashed in a nearby village.

MOE sent 15 people and four pieces of equipment on the scene.

In March, a similar case occurred in the Rostov region. Then in the fall of the glider pilot survived. He was taken to the hospital.