Five people were injured in clashes with football fans in Marseille

In clashes of football fans in Marseilles injuring five people, according to BFM-TV, citing the head of the local police, Laurent Nunez.

He added that one person is in critical condition. Them, according to Nunez, is Russian. However, the Independent newspaper writes that in the critical state is 51-year-old Englishman. Núñez also said that during the riots arrested six people.

Russia Today reports that during the clashes of football fans were injured journalist of TV channel. According to him, the English fan stabbed him in the face.

Only in today’s clashes, according to BFM-TV, involved up to 500 people. The clashes occurred before a match Russia-England, which will be held today in Marseille in the UEFA European football championship. Nunez previously reported that law enforcement officers are doing everything possible to prevent the recurrence of clashes. In particular, more than 1 thousand police officers, 1.1 million private security guards, and 850 firefighters will provide security at the stadium “velodrome”.

Already the third for last few days serious clashes between fans of national teams took place in Marseille earlier in the evening. To disperse the fans police had to use tear gas. The correspondent “R-Sports” has told that the police used water cannons.

The police said that the stadium group of fans from the two countries will go separate ways, to avoid repeated collisions.