Argentina will suspend broadcasting RT

Broadcasting of the Russian TV channel RT in Argentina will be suspended, according to its website.

The relevant document, adopted by the state enterprise “Radio and Television of Argentina”, will take effect in 60 days. We are talking only about the suspension of broadcasting in a free state of the network, RT will continue to broadcast on cable television. The document, according to the TV station, “does not exclude any agreements [on broadcasting] in the future”.

RT in Argentina in 2014 launched the country’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Russian leader Vladimir Putin. According to the channel, its news can see more than 80% of the population of Argentina. “The inclusion of RT in Spanish in Argentina’s state television network was the first case when a foreign TV channel to get this opportunity”, — underlined in the message.

Kirschner resigned from his post in 2015. She is accused on charges of fraud. According to investigators, on the orders of Kirchner Argentina’s Central Bank to artificially maintain the exchange rate of the Argentine peso was selling dollars on the futures market at a lower price that was to the detriment of the country’s financial system. Itself the former President denies the charges and calls them politically motivated.