The inhabitants of the Crimea complained about the lock of paid services in Facebook

World’s largest social network Facebook has blocked access to any paid services to users ad accounts that are engaged in SMM and SEO. This was reported by one of the users of the social network Rusvet Kadyrov on his page. In a conversation with RBC Kadyrov said that he had a second day blocked any possibility of advertising” and “denied access to office.”

“We have disabled the ability to make payments on your account, because you are in a region where this function is not supported. We are very sorry if this brings you any inconvenience”. This message appears when you try to carry out the transaction. It is signed by the name of the risk Manager Facebook.

The information that users with the Crimean residence permit” (more precisely, IP addresses) lost the ability to conduct business via Facebook, has confirmed RBC Vice-President of the Association of small hotels of Crimea Natalia Pracy. “In principle, since the imposition of sanctions Google in January 2015, we were prepared for the fact that Facebook will introduce them. Crimeans waited for this over a year ago, but it happened just now. Therefore, the current situation with the shutdown is, of course, a surprise,” said Prachak in an interview.

As far as the current situation with the payment block users from the Crimea on a large scale and how it is a deliberate action on the part of Facebook, is unknown. Facebook representatives did not respond to a request RBC.

Promotional tool [Facebook] really is an important part of business promotion, because social sharing is the Edgerank algorithm, which determines which of the published posts in Facebook to appear for a particular user, explains in an interview to RBC TV channel marketer of KPORT Anna Danilenko. “If in “Vkontakte” we see all posts from user, then when I go to Facebook, more than half of the hosted content is not see. This applies to both business stratic in the social network, and personal,” — says Danilenko.

In 2015, several foreign companies have supported the embargo against the Crimea. American Valve Corporation restricted to residents of the Peninsula access to the digital service for the sale of Steam games. Banning the sale of its equipment on the Peninsula warned the partners of Apple and Hewlett-Packard: the Corporation has sent letters about the impossibility to work in the Crimea to the Russian retailers.

Search engine Google has blocked registered in Crimea Google accounts AdSense. In addition, the company has imposed restrictions on the use of the Google Play app store. Payment system MasterCard and Visa stopped servicing cards belonging to Crimean users in December 2014: they were not allowed and not accepted at ATMs. In addition, the Crimeans did not reach the sending mail U.S. office refused to deliver them.

Facebook has imposed sanctions against Crimean
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