Media reported about the approaching American bombers to the borders of Russia

Strategic USA bomber B-52H, which is capable of carrying nuclear weapons, flew to the borders of Russia in the Baltic sea, reports “Interfax” with reference to the sites that track flights of military aircraft.

The plane took off from the base Fairford in the UK at 12:00 GMT. It participates in NATO exercises in the Baltic sea area.

In the southern part of the Baltic sea Baltops exercise takes place in 2016. They started June 3 and will last until June 19. The night before, in the context of these teachings to the Russian shores of the Baltic sea flew two b-52.

6 Jun to Russian borders flew four aircraft distant radar-tracking detection AWACS NATO, the afternoon of June 7 approached aircraft RC-135V US air force.

That three bombers B-52 will be involved in exercises close to the Russian border, previously announced US strategic command, according to the publication The Washington Free Beacon. Baltops-2016 are the largest military exercises of NATO in the region this year.