Flying the su-27 was suspended after the disaster in the suburbs

Flights of su-27 fighters suspended after the disaster in the suburbs. This was reported in the press service and information Ministry of defense of Russia, reports “Interfax”.

“The decision of the commander of VKS flights of su-27 to determine the causes of the crash in the Moscow region suspended”, — said the Agency.

The accident occurred on the morning of 9 June in the district of the village of Muravina in the Pushkin district of Moscow region. The flight was carried out without ammunition, in the crash killed the pilot. According to sources Interfax and TASS, the fighter was a part of flight group “Russian knights”, and the victim — the major Sergey Eremenko.

According to a source “Interfax”, the aerobatic team of six aircraft performed demonstration flights at the opening ceremony of the monument to the aviators of Russia in Ashukino village, Pushkin district, and when returning to the airfield one of them crashed.

According to preliminary data of the Ministry of defence, the cause of the crash was technical failure. It was said that the pilot did everything possible to divert the aircraft from the settlement, and the time of the bailout he just left.