Moldova complained about lack of Russia’s help in searching for $1 billion

Russia is not invited Moldova sufficient assistance in the return of $1 billion stolen from the country’s banking system. This was stated by Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip, reports Reuters.

Philip stressed that Chisinau has successfully cooperated on this issue with other countries, particularly the Baltic States, but with Russia a joint work is “not very good”. Speech, in particular, to provide information about the “financial chains” that may pass through Russia.

In September of last year in Moldova there was a corruption scandal. Law enforcement authorities found out that the Banca de Economii, Unibank and Banca Sociala a few days before the parliamentary elections of 2014 issued to persons unknown amount from the budget, roughly equal to 12.5% of the entire GDP of Moldova. Then in the center of Chisinau held large-scale rallies, the demonstrators demanded the resignation of the government.

In October in this case was detained former Prime Minister Vlad Filat. Now he is in prison. 6 Jun Filat went on a hunger strike in protest against abuse of the Prosecutor and judges.