ESports officially recognized sport

ESports officially recognized as a sport, it is included in the appropriate register. The decree about it was signed by the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko, the document is published on the Internet-portal of legal information.

The decree allows to conduct official competitions in eSports, says the Federation of computer sports of Russia. In addition, it opens up the possibility of assignment of sports categories on the basis of the sports rating and the development of training programmes for judges and coaches.

In 2006, eSports has been excluded from official Russian registry of sports. This happened due to the fact that he did not meet the criteria for the development of sport — according to the law in more than half of the Russian regions should appear relevant enterprises, however, this was not done.

In 2015, according to SuperData Research, the market for eSports was $612 million, the total amount of his prize Fund — $42 million Audience of cyber events has exceeded 130 million people.

In October last year, the USM holding Alisher Usmanov decided to invest more than $100 million in eSports. The money will help promote e-sports in Russia, they decided to direct the launch of new tournaments in different game disciplines, the construction of eSports arenas and creation of media channels for coverage of events.

In eSports there are several disciplines. Among them: three-dimensional shooters, tactical and strategic game, technical and sports simulators as well as command role-playing game with elements of tactical and strategic games.