Sberbank received in may a profit of 42 billion rubles.

Profit of Sberbank in may amounted to RUB 42 billion, said in a press release of the credit organization. Profit recovery continues due to growth in net interest and Commission income, the report says the Bank.

Net interest income for the first five months of this year increased by 7.6% due to growth in earning assets, and interest expense decreased by 21.7% due to reductions in interest rates on the market, according to a press release.

In addition, the Bank was able to reduce the share of public funds in liabilities of up to 0.7% (excluding subordinated debt) due to the growth of customer funds at 271 billion rubles in may. Funds of the population grew by 119 billion rubles to 10.8 trillion rubles., and the means of the companies at 153 billion rubles., up to 6.5 trillion rubles.

The assets of the Bank in may decreased by 0.3%. The level of overdue debt decreased from the beginning of the year to 38 billion rubles, 6.9%.