Mutko became one of the heroes of the new film ARD on doping

The Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko

About new accusations against the leaders of the Russian sports reported in his microblog on Twitter journalist of the Daily Telegraph Ben Rumsby.

“It seems that the German channel, which broke the Russian doping scandal, is preparing to publish new accusations,” he wrote. “The film presents the documents on which [sports Minister Vitaly] Mutko prevented the publication of data on doping one of the players of the Russian Premier League”, — stated in the text attached to the post as image.

In addition, the text says that the film will be the story of coaches in athletics that were removed from their duties because of a doping scandal, but continued to work with top athletes.

It also provides the response of the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF), which presented materials from the film, described them as “very serious,” “urgent proceedings” and caused by “deep concern”.

In December, 2014 on the TV channel ARD took two pieces of film, German journalist, Hyo Seppelt, in which he spoke about doping Russian athletes. In March 2016, was shown in the third part. Movies Sappelt led to the investigation of the problem of doping in Russian athletics and the disqualification of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla).

On may 12, after winning the match of the 28th round of the championship of Russia over Moscow “Dynamo” full scan on doping unexpectedly passed the doping test by the team “Rostov”. According to the head of the medical Department of FIFA, Jiri Dvorak, that all 11 players of the basic structure “Rostov” after the match with “Dinamo” were sent to doping control in connection with the rumours of players Meldonium.

“Today, our club came the test results of doping tests that were taken in the 11 players of our team after the match with Dynamo. All the doping tests were clean. Banned drugs in the analyses of our players there,” — said in an official statement of the club. The club noted that normally after the matches of the championship of Russia on the doping check of two players each team, but this time directly from the field on the doping control took all 11 players “Rostov”.