Livanov said that no serious violations on the exam this year

In the campaign of the exam, which takes place in Russia in 2016 until there is massive and serious violations. This was stated by the Minister of education and science of Russia Dmitry Livanov at the meeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with members of the government, the correspondent of RBC.

“In this campaign, passing the exams, there is massive and serious violations. The venue of the exams equipped online monitoring work of public observers,” — said Livanov.

He stated that this year there has been an influx of people wishing to pass the exam on assement in physics (21 thousand graduates more) and biology (18 thousand). Also for the first time this year students had the opportunity to take the exam in Chinese language, said the Minister of education.

The main wave of the exam, the exam has started in Russia in late may. The campaign started without any of leakages of examination materials”, said the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov (quoted by TASS) Russia then the students passed the exams in literature and geography. May 30 passed the exam on the Russian language is the most massive. It was attended by 684 thousand people, reported Kravtsov.