Died screenwriter of the film “Amadeus”

British playwright Peter Shaffer

British playwright, script writer of the film “Amadeus” Peter Shaffer died at age 90 on the morning of 6 June, The Guardian reports.

“His life was coming to an end. But he was glad that he was able to celebrate his 90th birthday with friends, and then I think he decided that the time has come”, said his agent, Rupert Lord.

Peter Schaefer was born in the English city of Liverpool on may 15, 1926. He studied history at Cambridge Trinity College.

Most famous work is Schaeffer’s play “Amadeus” about the relationship between composers Mozart and Salieri. The play formed the basis of the same movie, but in the future, Schaeffer received the award “Golden globe” and “Oscar” for best screenplay.

In 1973, Schaeffer wrote the play “Equus”, about a psychiatrist who tries to treat horses possessed young man. In 1975, “Equus” has won the Tony award as best play. In 2007, the play was re-staged on Broadway, and one of the main roles is played by the actor Daniel Radcliffe, who became famous thanks to the films about Harry Potter.