The Swiss voted against a guaranteed income of $2.5 million

Bern residents vote at the polling station located at school

According to the final results of the vote referenced in “bi-Bi-si” nearly 77% of those who took part in the referendum voted against the introduction in Switzerland of a guaranteed income. The initiative was supported by only 23% of voters. Switzerland became the first country where such a referendum.

Earlier that the majority of Swiss who came to the polls voted against guaranteed income, testified to exit polls.

According to a local newspaper the Local, “for” the introduction of the guaranteed income was supported by the residents of several neighborhoods of Geneva and Zurich.

A referendum on a guaranteed basic income was held in Switzerland on 5 June. This initiative implies an unconditional monthly fee, which shall be provided to the citizen of the country regardless of whether it works or not.

The exact amount of the payment in question, the referendum was not stated. However, supporters of the initiative was to allocate monthly 2,500 Swiss francs ($2555) for adults and 625 francs ($630) for children.