The award “national bestseller” received Leonid Yuzefovich

The all-Russian literary award “national bestseller-2016” received Leonid Yuzefovich’s documentary novel “Winter road”, reports “RIA Novosti”.

After the announcement of the voting results, the writer stated that if he was part of the jury, you would vote for Michael Adebibe and his novel “the Queue”. “Queue”. “I would vote for the man who has no literary fame. I hope Michael will get this Adebibe fame,” – said j√≥zefowicz.

Award “national bestseller” was established in St. Petersburg in 2000 and is awarded annually. It can be extended to works that have been published in Russian language during the past calendar year, or manuscripts, regardless of when they were written.

In shorts-sheet “the National best seller-2016” includes the novel “Autochthonous” by Maria Galina the book “the Transit of the Saigon-Alma-ATA” Eldar Sattarova, “Ukraine three revolutions” Aglaia Toporova, “Queue” Michael Adebibe and “Winter road” by Leonid Yuzefovich.

The composition of the Petit jury prize went to Marina Alekseeva, animator Konstantin Bronzit, teacher Sergey Volkov, Oleg Gruz musician, film Director Oleg Mighty and writer Sergei Nosov.