Exit polls showed the reluctance of the Swiss to introduce a basic income

Swiss voters apparently rejected the proposal on the introduction of a guaranteed basic income for citizens. About it reports Reuters with reference to data of exit-polls, reported by Swiss TV channel SRF.

According to exit polls, the number of opponents of the basic income greatly outnumber the supporters of his administration. Its introduction has declined about 78% of those who took part in the referendum.

In Switzerland on Sunday, 5 June, held a referendum in which the proposed vote for or against the “guaranteed basic income”. The measure implies an unconditional monthly fee, which will be provided to the citizen regardless of whether he works or not.

The exact amount that will be installed if the residents will vote for a guaranteed income, in the question submitted to referendum is not called. However, its advocates propose to allocate monthly 2,500 Swiss francs ($2555) for adults and 625 francs ($630) for children.