Detained in Moscow “the Seagull” was a stolen vehicle of the Prosecutor General

Rare car “Chaika” is detained by employees of traffic police in the center of Moscow, is on the balance of the General Prosecutor’s office. About it on air of TV channel “Russia 24” said the official representative of the Prosecutor General of Russia Alexander Kurennoy.

According to him, held the maintenance car was stolen from the service center by its employees.

“Of course, we will have serious questions to the service center, which ensured the safety of the vehicle. Now a representative of our motor transport service writes the police a statement about the carjacking,” said Kurennoy (quoted by TASS).

Earlier on Sunday, the press service of the Metropolitan Directorate of the interior Ministry announced the arrest on Kozhevnicheskaya street driver and passenger rare car “the Seagull” by the DPS.

The driver, according to preliminary data, was at a wheel in an alcohol intoxication, after arrest, he was sent for a medical examination.

As reported TASS a source in law enforcement bodies, detention was preceded by a chase involving two crews of traffic police as the driver of “the Seagull” ignored a police request to stop and tried to escape.