Tourists warned about rising ticket prices in Norway for the new collection

Norway from June 1, entered the Assembly from departing from its airports, passengers in the amount of €9 per person. Thus, tickets to Norway will also rise by this amount, according to the Association of tour operators of Russia.

In the organization said that due to the introduction of the fee Ryanair is forced to close down 16 flights to Rygge airport under the Oslo accords. According to the airlines, for their customers after the introduction of the fee the ticket price will grow by 7-10%.

The airport, in turn, said that after leaving the airlines, he will have to be closed, the report said ATOR. The Association pointed out that Ryanair provided a significant part of the flow of passengers in this airport, and in the case that the company will close these flights, the air harbour will become unprofitable.

Ryanair — Europe’s largest budget airline (headquartered in Dublin). The airline’s route network has hundreds of locations across Europe.