The authorities have promised not to force state companies to switch to Russian software

The government will not force the Russian company to use domestic software) to the detriment of competition, said the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov at a meeting at the conference Startup Village in “SKOLKOVO”. “We have agreed now that the Directive, developed by the Ministry of communications, will be finalized, since our main goal is for all companies to be competitive,” he said, answering the question, do you manage state companies to switch to Russian IN the second half of 2016, in accordance with the instructions of the President. Shuvalov noted that some companies report their use more than 50% of Russian software.

As reported by RBC representative of the Secretariat Shuvalov, it is planned to develop the legal and corporate procedures that stipulate that a decision on the selection of the software companies will make on their respective committees. “Such decisions will be transparent and public,” he said.

Vladimir Putin demanded from state-owned companies to begin to switch to Russian software on March 30, meeting with members of the government. And in November 2015, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree according to which state agencies must purchase the software from the Russian registry, unless it is proved that the necessary provision is only at foreign companies.