In Domodedovo the plane stuck in the asphalt

Passenger aircraft airline S7, who arrived to Domodedovo from Saint Petersburg, could not finish taxiing to a Parking lot, stuck in the asphalt. About this RBC reported a source in Domodedovo. He suggested that the reason why the plane is stuck, unable to move on, could have melted the asphalt, and is associated with the reconstruction of the apron conducted by the external contractor.

According to the information that refers to a source in law enforcement bodies, after landing, the aircraft at the command of the Manager missed the other side of St. Petersburg and stood on the runway about twenty minutes. At this time, the asphalt under the chassis began to disintegrate, and the plane sank.

However in a press-service of Domodedovo called false information about the alleged “failure of the plane in the tarmac”.

“On Tuesday, may 31, 2016, the airline company S7 Airlines, arriving at Domodedovo flight 046 from St. Petersburg, could not finish taxiing to a Parking lot. The aircraft stayed in the area, located close to the venue of the reconstruction of the apron, which is funded from the Federal budget”, — told RBC in the press service of the airport.

Ground services Domodedovo promptly brought passengers from the aircraft and got the Luggage, the plane received no damage, said the press service.

Contests of Federal air transport Agency for the reconstruction of apron worth 2 billion rubles and the construction of a new runway for 12.85 billion RUB. in 2014, conducted by JSC “Construction management №1”. Initially, the deadline for the work on the runway was scheduled for 30 November 2016, however, a source in Domodedovo earlier told RBC that the first phase of construction will be completed by mid-2017, and final completion will not happen before 2018.

A similar incident happened in Domodedovo in the summer of 2014. Then the Boeing 737 of Globus airlines, a member of the S7 group, could not fly to Novosibirsk from the fact that in place of Parking of the liner melted the asphalt.