Elon Musk called the timing of the launch into production of electric cars Apple

The head of Tesla Motors Elon Musk said that, in his opinion, Apple will start production of electric cars not later than 2020, writes The Wall Street Journal. He recognized that machine from Apple will be a direct competitor to Tesla. They “will probably make a good car and will succeed”, — said the businessman at the event Code Conference in Los Angeles suburb of Rancho Palo Verdes.

“It’s great that [Apple] are doing this, and I hope that everything will work out,” Musk said. He stressed that the market for electric vehicles is big enough for many competitors.

The WSJ failed to get Apple comments on the statement Mask. Last fall, the publication reported that the company is engaged in the development of the electric car as a “ship date” refers to the year 2019, that probably means that by this time the project will move into engineering phase.

Apple still not officially confirmed that it is developing electric car.

Musk said that he expects competition in the field of creation of electric vehicles with traditional automotive manufacturers. He added that Google is unlikely to produce machines independently, but prefer to transfer technology under license to other companies. Guide Google has confirmed that chose this strategy.

The businessman recalled that Tesla has already received about 400 thousand pre-orders for the Model 3 electric car, whose price will start from $35 thousand On the evaluation Mask, by 2018, the company will make half a million cars, and by 2020 — million.

According to the Mask, he didn’t think a car company will make a good electric car. He also hinted that later this year, will hold the event, which will talk about the plans of Tesla to construct an unmanned vehicle.

According to the forecast of the Mask, producing fully Autonomous vehicles will be possible within two years, but another year will be needed to ensure regulators have approved their use becomes widespread.