Fourth gate: why Moscow another international airport

Who built the airport Zhukovsky?

The construction of the airport was conceived in 2013, investor and operator of the airport — JSC “Rampart Aero. 25% plus one share of the company belongs to the state Corporation “rostec”, the rest — by Lithuanian holding Avia Solutions Group, which is engaged in ground handling at airports evropeyskih several countries (Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Italy).

New civil airport was built on the base airfield of the Flight test Institute. Gromov — chief of Soviet aviation test Institute. The airport LII im. Gromova. In odd years in Moscow passes the international aviation and space salon. The airport, built in 1980, is capable to accept any types of aircraft without limitation of take-off mass. Its runway is the longest in Europe (over 5 thousand m). It is now attached to the passenger terminal with total area 17 thousand square meters and a handling capacity of 4 million passengers per year.

The volume of investments in “Zhukovsky” in the first phase amounted to $27 million, said the General Director of “Rampart Aero Thomas Vaisvila. The total project cost is estimated at 10 billion rubles After the commissioning of the second terminal with an area of 60 thousand sq. m. the capacity of the airport is expected to be 12 million passengers. For comparison, the Sheremetyevo airport by the end of 2015, served 31.6 million people, Domodedovo — just over 30 million, Vnukovo — nearly 16 million people.

Why the suburbs the new airport?

The airport in Moscow was conceived in 2013 in order to relieve the Moscow airports, which by that time were too busy, says the General Director of Agency Infomost Boris Rybak. The last 15 years the passenger traffic in the country grew by 18-20% in the year to meet the demand of “Sheremetyevo” and “Domodedovo” began to discuss the construction of third lanes, he recalls. But now the situation has changed. The closing part of international destinations and falling incomes of the population led to reduced passenger traffic, and the urgency in the opening of the new airport was gone,” said the Fisherman.

In January-April volume of passenger traffic through Moscow airports were down 2.4%, according to statistics of the Federal air transport Agency (by the end of 2015 was an increase of 0.6%). According to the Fisherman, the volume of passengers will decline at least another 5-7 years. Zhukovsky will be difficult to compete with existing airports in a falling market, said the Fisherman.

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The opening of the fourth Moscow international airport

Monday, may 30, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has opened in the town of Zhukovsky airport of the same name, which has become the fourth international airport of the capital. The first passenger flight…

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Which companies will be flying from Zhukovsky?

In 2016 Zhukovsky plans to serve 1.9 million passengers, said Vaisvila. One of the first airlines that will begin operating its regular flights from the “Zhukovsky” will be Kyrgyz Air Kyrgyzstan, the first flight of zaplanirovan on June 20, told reporters at the opening ceremony, the representative of the carrier.

At the opening ceremony of Vaisvila has signed agreements with three airlines: Kazakh SCAT and two Russian all-cargo carrier sky airlines gates” and “Aviastar-TU”. What other airline will be based in Zhukovsky, not yet reported. “Ramport Aero” offered cooperation 20 airlines of Russia and CIS countries, the possibility to fly in “Ramenskoe” said representatives of the two Charter carrier Air Azur and yuvt Aero”, wrote Vedomosti in April.

Peripheral airports worldwide, typically used for the deployment of low-cost airlines, which due to the low airport charges set competitive prices for tickets. Thus, the base airports are the largest European low-cost airlines Easyjet and Ryanair in London — not main Heathrow and Gatwick, and secondary airports Luton (52 km from London Stansted (62 km) respectively. Media reported that the owners of Zhukovsky negotiated the transition to the airport the only Russian low cost airline “Victory” (enters into group “Aeroflot”). But in March the General Director of airline “Victory” Andrey Kalmykov said that the airline plans to fly from the “Zhukovsky”. According to him, relocation of the airline “Victory” from Vnukovo should be offered much lower rates on services and good transport accessibility. “With vehicle availability at the airport Ramenskoye is difficult,” — said Kalmykov.

In the peripheral airports, there are traditional carriers, celebrates Janis ticket from AviaSales — it all depends on the rates. For example, he adds, the Riga airport to increase the volume of passengers, give airlines discounts up to 70%. The issue price is one of the key success criteria of Zhukovsky, I agree Fisherman. “If prices in Ramenskoye be comparable to other airports of Moscow, it will attract only those airlines, kotorye for some reason can’t get in other airports”. According to the expert, the “Zhukovsky” has a chance to offer carriers a competitive price, since after the abolition of the FAS regulation of tariffs in the Moscow aviation hub, the capital airports has begun to raise fees.

Is it possible to conveniently travel to the new airport?

Poor accessibility is one of the main shortcomings of the new “Zhukovsky”. Airport no direct rail service, the car is difficult to get there because of traffic jams.

It is expected that in September 2016, Railways rekonstruiruet nearest airport to the station “Rest” to which the Express will go from the Kazan station, said Deputy General Director of “Ramport Aero” Sergey Ryzhov. Also airport Shuttle from Kotelnikov every 30 minutes will be walking buses at their stations it will be possible to register the Luggage, said Vaisvila.

The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov said on Monday that in 2017 will be reconstructed and widened the road to the airport from the city Zhukovsky. In the reconstruction, he said, will be invested 2 billion rubles.