The Ministry of health has proposed to limit access to tobacco born after 2015

The Ministry of health has proposed to make “impossible” access to cigarettes Russian citizens born after 2015. This was stated by Minister of healthcare Veronika Skvortsova.

Such proposals included in the concept of state policy on combating tobacco consumption for the years 2016-2020, she said. According to Skvortsova, “the main task is to create conditions “under which access to tobacco products for a new generation, that is, of our citizens, born after 2015 for the whole of life is impossible”, reports “Interfax”.

For this it is necessary to prevent “any partnership with the tobacco organizations and to phase in the excise tax on tobacco products “to the average level among the countries of the who, said the Minister. She also called for the introduction of additional restrictive measures on the sale of e-cigarettes and prohibition of any measures to enhance the attractiveness of cigarettes.

“Anti-Smoking law” operates in Russia since summer of 2013. According to the law, it is forbidden to smoke in cultural institutions and sports, schools, universities, hospitals, beaches, playgrounds, stadiums, train stations and airports. In October 2015 in Russia began to operate the new rules for the equipment of Smoking areas according to which you can smoke on ships long-distance and in the hallways of apartment buildings, provided that the designated Smoking area is equipped according to the rules.

In April, the state Duma Deputy from the LDPR Maxim Shingarkin has introduced a bill to increase excise taxes on tobacco according to which the average cost of a pack of cigarettes in 2018 will increase to 178 RUB.