Sindeeva said the decision not to resign Lobkova with “Rain”

Journalist Pavel Lobkov

Journalist Pavel Lobkov, who yesterday announced his intention to leave the TV channel “Rain” will continue to work on the TV channel, told RBC General Director of “Rain” Natalia Sindeeva.

He Lobkov Monday did not answer the question about his future on “Rain”.

Late in the evening of 29 may, the journalist wrote on his page in Facebook that leaves the channel. “Tomorrow [may 30] the employees of the TV channel “Rain” will be mobilized for the rise of subscription. This is just as bad as “puting”. I’ve done everything I can to get people signed up for “Rain” just because of the content. Not because of the dances and songs,” explained Lobkov its decision. He noted that the other job offers he does not.

Sindeeva also responded to the statement Lobkova in Facebook. She urged the audience not to panic and assured that “x will work with us in the future.” “I will do everything that depends on me. Today [may 30] at 17 o’clock [at this time in the air of “Rain” should reach the program “Here and now”] will discuss it with him live,” he promised Sindeeva.

A paid subscription channel “Rain” introduced in September 2013 — first on content on the Internet. After the scandal with the survey about the siege of Leningrad in January 2014, most cable and satellite operators have disabled the “Rain” from their networks, for which the channel switched to the subscription model. Now the number of subscribers of the channel reaches nearly 65 thousand people, according to the official website of “Rain”

Lobkov works on “Rain” from February 2012. Prior to that, from 1993 to 2006 she worked at NTV. In 2006, he left the channel and continued his career on “the Fifth channel”. In 2008 pubic hair is back on NTV, where eventually he worked until 2012.