Paul Lobkov have left the “Rain” because of disagreements with the leadership of the TV channel

Anchorman Pavel Lobkov has announced his retirement from the TV channel “Rain”. He said this in his Facebook.

As stated Lobkov, he disagreed with the policy of the channel in the hiring of employees of “Rain” to promote a paid subscription.

“Tomorrow, employees of the TV channel “Rain” will be mobilized for the rise of subscription. This is just as bad as “Puting”. I’ve done everything I can to get people signed up for “Rain” just because of the content. Not because of the dances and songs,” wrote the presenter.

Lobkov has started to work on the TV channel “Rain” in 2012. Prior to that, he, since 1993, with a few breaks worked on the NTV channel. In January 2012 Lobkov left NTV after the channel has not renewed a contract with him.