The message on a mining of shopping center “Fleet” in Moscow was false

The message on a mining of shopping center “Fleet” on the Khodynka field was false. About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to a source in emergency services of the capital.

According to him, the inspection of premises of shopping centre have not revealed the danger and was completed at 20:55 GMT.

Earlier on Saturday in the shopping center “Aviapark” was carried out the evacuation of visitors and staff. As reported by RBC, on speakerphone in the complex has made an announcement with a request to leave the building “for technical reasons”.

Later the source of “RIA Novosti” in the emergency services said that the decision to evacuate was taken after an anonymous call about mining of the building. He also said that the centre had been withdrawn about a thousand people. At the same time, the source of “Interfax” reported that the complex was evacuated about 500 people.

The shopping center “Aviapark” is the largest in Europe by total area, which is about 400 thousand sq. m.