The ex-Minister has offered help to victims in road accident with participation of his son

Former Minister of sports of Russia, and nowadays the Deputy of the State Duma from the Communist party Boris Ivanjuzhenkov called a “tragic accident”, an accident in Podolsk, when his son on the BMW X6 knocked down two people at the bus stop, and expressed willingness to help the victims. This is stated in the statement of the parliamentarian, to “RIA Novosti”.

“Today, an accident occurred in which people suffered. In the result of a frontal collision of the vehicle, which went to my son, bounced and tangentially touched bus stop. It’s just kind of tragic accident,” the statement reads.

Ivanjuzhenkov also said that his son Anton was sober at the time of the accident, and this, he claims, confirmed expertise. He also added that his son played sports but was forced to end career due to injuries.

“Thanks to his response managed to avoid more serious consequences. Assigned technical examination will determine the real cause of the collision,” wrote Ivanjuzhenkov.

The MP expressed his regret in connection with happened and has promised to provide “all possible assistance” to the victims, with the families which he is currently trying to contact.

Earlier on Saturday, the 22-year-old driver of BMW X6 who entered the public transport stop where there were people, criminal proceedings were instituted under article about the violation of a person administering car, traffic regulations or operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm to health of the person.

The accident occurred at 6:40 GMT. A young man driving a BMW X6, faced with another car, drove to the bus stop, where he hit two people. Source TASS in law enforcement bodies told that the woman who knocked off the son of a former Minister, was hospitalized in serious condition.

According to a source “RIA Novosti” in law enforcement, Ivanyuzhenkov Jr. at the scene had removed the numbers from his car.