In Germany and France after lightning strikes in hospitals were 46 people

Lightning strikes in Germany, June 2014

As a result of lightning strikes in Germany and France, which took place on Saturday, may 28, affected about 46 people, several people are in serious condition, according to DW.

In the Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, lightning struck a football pitch during a match of youth football teams. The result of 35 people, 30 of them children, were sent to the hospital. Seriously injured three people, among which was the referee of the match. It clarifies the issue, that it was struck by lightning.

At the same time during a thunderstorm in Paris, lightning struck a group of people who were in the Park. 11 people were injured, eight of them children. They were all taken to the hospital, and six of the injured are in serious condition. The incident occurred during a birthday celebration in the Park.