The recommended airlines to fill planes outside France

Against the background of strikes in France, the civil aviation authority (DGAC) has submitted recommendations to airlines to fill planes in other countries that the fuel was enough for further flight. It is reported by Le Parisien with reference to the press-Secretary of the company Air France.

“If a plane flies from Europe to Paris, for example, the airport Charles de Gaulle, it is necessary to fuel it so that was enough for arrival and departure,” said the spokesman.

At the same time, the airline representative said that currently there is lack of fuel, and the recommendations are a precautionary measure.

In the last days in France because of strikes against reform of labor law was marked by shortage of fuel. More than half of the refineries in the country were blocked by the protesters. Transport Minister Alain Vidal reported that 40% of all gas stations in the country are unable to get petrol.

Union activists opposed to the reform of labour legislation passed without a vote in Parliament. The government, in turn, argue that the changes that will allow employers more freedom to hire and fire employees that are required to reduce unemployment in the country.