The German foreign Ministry proposed a gradual abolition of sanctions against Russia

Germany will support the gradual abolition of EU sanctions against Russia in case of progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements to end the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. According to Reuters, on Friday said the official representative of the German foreign Ministry, Martin jäger.

“Sanctions by themselves will not end. The approach is all-or-nothing brings us closer to our goal,” — said the diplomat.

On the eve of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, speaking at the G7 summit in Japan that talk about lifting sanctions against Russia too early. In the final summit communique also says that the sanctions policy against Russia is correct, and restrictions can be strengthened, if the circumstances so require.

Earlier, foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier called for dialogue with Russia. He also acknowledged that to extend sanctions will not be easy because of internal opposition to this decision in the European Union.

The validity of European economic sanctions against Russia expires July 31. The EU intends to make a decision about their continuation for six months at the end of June.