SpaceX postpones launch of Falcon 9 with a Thai companion

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with the telecommunications satellite Thaicom of Thailand 8 postponed for a day, according to Twitter his company SpaceX.

Originally the launch was to take place at the spaceport on the thoughts Canaveral at 00:40 GMT. Then it was postponed for two hours.

“Because of the caution rocket launch postponed and will take place no earlier than tomorrow after further review of the data”, — stated in the message SpaceX.

The company owner Elon Musk said that the reason for the cancellation of the launch was “a small glitch in the movement of the wire upper stage engine”. He said that there is no risk, however, the incident should be investigated. The new time of launch have not yet been reported.

In March, Falcon 9 satellite SES-9 was launched after its launch was delayed four times. This happened in particular, because of the weather and technical problems.

In early may, the company has managed a second time to land on ocean platform the first stage of the carrier rocket Falcon 9. After the first successful landing stage on the floating platform Musk has said that reusable first stage rocket, the Falcon can withstand from 10 to 20 runs. After minor repairs, he expects the number of launches could rise to 100.