On eBay put up for sale Boeing 747

On the Internet auction site eBay put up for sale passenger Boeing 747-400 British airline Virgin Atlantic. The condition is marked by the seller as “used”.

The initial cost of the lot is $299 million (19.7 million RUB) For $900 million (59.4 million RUB) aircraft can be bought without participation in the auction, which will last another week.

Rates so far nobody did, but at the moment tracking a lot more than 500 users. The seller theconcordalliance reports about the extremely high demand for Boeing and apologizes for any delays with the answers to the questions of interested users.

In the product description says that the ship Lady Penelope made flights for 25 years. Its wingspan is 64.4 m, length 70,6 meters height 19,4 meters, the fuselage width – 6.4 meters. The aircraft can be sold as a whole or in parts. The seller suggests to use it as a restaurant, a hotel or an apartment.

Boeing 747, also known as the “Jumbo jet” was the world’s first twin-deck widebody passenger aircraft. He first took to the air in February 1969. The Boeing 747 was the largest, heaviest and roomy passenger airliner for nearly 40 years until the Airbus A380 appeared.

747-400 aircraft it had produced only 442 units. The last passenger 747-400 aircraft were delivered to China Airlines in 2005.