In Minsk, said about the study of Lukashenko’s visits to several countries of the West

In Minsk studying the issue of official visits of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in some Western countries. The journalists said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic Vladimir Makei, reports “Interfax”.

“We have to work through is the organization of some visits [Lukashenko] and in the Western direction”, — said Mackay.

He also noted that in the coming days, the President will fly in a South-easterly direction”. Also a number of heads of foreign States will visit Belarus, added Mackay.

Last week Lukashenko visited Italy and the Vatican, where he met with Pope Francis. This visit was the first after the lifting of the EU sanctions against Belarusian President.

About the EU decision to lift sanctions against Lukashenko and Belarusian officials 169 became known on 15 February 2016. They were allowed to enter the territory of the European Union, and also canceled financial constraints. The decision of the EU, in particular, has affected the release of political prisoners by Minsk in August 2015. Among the pardoned, in particular, was the former candidate for presidents of Belarus Nikolai Stankevich.

“The EU countries — well done, they realized that there is a moment in time and need to move away from this block thinking and confrontation with Belarus. They made a satisfying decision”, — commented on the lifting of sanctions Lukashenko.

Limitations of the authorities of Belarus were imposed by the EU in 2011. They were associated with the events that followed the presidential elections in 2010. Then in Minsk was the most ambitious in recent years to protest disagree with the procedure and election results. In the end, all presidential candidates were arrested, some sentenced to prison.