Wealth of the generals: salaries, houses, cars of the right keepers and their wives

RBC analysis of the Declaration of 7 law enforcement agencies, whose data appeared on the official websites of the interior Ministry, the national guard, the investigative Committee, the Federal security service, the FSB, the Prosecutor General’s office and SVR. In the documents contains information about the earnings of four intelligence officers from the SVR, six counterintelligence officers from the FSB, seven employees of the FSO, 186 prosecutors, investigators, 459, 602 of the leaders of the Ministry of internal Affairs and 417 people from the Interior Ministry troops, in April, transferred in the structure of the national guard.

The richest wives of heads of law enforcement bodies and special services have earned more than the leaders by income among men. Women belong to and the plots of the highest income employees managerial staff (heads of departments, their assistants and advisers, heads of departments and their deputies, heads of subordinate agencies, commanders of military units) of the Prosecutor General. In 2015, they received an average of 3.2 million rubles per year. From colleagues from the Supervisory authority are somewhat behind the investigators of the TFR – 3.1 million rubles. the Ministry of internal Affairs, the average income amounted to 2.1 million rubles., and in the Internal troops ( the decree of the President in 2016, the troops were transferred to the national guard) – 2,5 million rubles.

To calculate the same indicators for the SVR, FSB and FSO is not possible, because the Agency publish data on the income of senior management.

First Deputy head of the Federal security service Oleg klymentyev was in third place for revenue. He increased his earnings to five times compared to 2014, and declared 21.2 million RUB From Declaration disappeared the plot area of 1500 sq. m apartment (82.9 sq. m.).

In General, FSO income leads the wife of the head of the security service of President Dmitry Kochneva, who on may 26 was appointed as the new Director of the FSO. Its earnings for 2015 amounted to 58.1 mln RUB. In 2014, she declared 24.2 million RUB. As follows from the document that owns the land (2339 sq. m), residential house is 328.5 sq. m), guest house (104,9 sq. m), four apartments with a total area of 351,7 sqm, two Parking spaces, garage, gazebo and carport.

The only head analyzed power structures, who earned more than their immediate subordinates, is the Director of the SVR, the former Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov, who received in 2015 20.3 million rubles

The richest Prosecutor in 2015 became the head Manager of the Prosecutor General Sergey Sergeev. He indicated income in the amount of 19,2 million roubles In the ownership of the only apartment with an area of 105.4 sq. m. compared to 2014 earnings Sergeeva has grown six-fold. At the same time from Declaration of disappeared land (1500 sq m), residential building (212,1 sqm) and a garage.

Sergeev headed the management Department of the Prosecutor General in January 2015. In this position, he was replaced by Alexei Staroverova, who left the post in connection with the investigation of the “gang GTA”.

Among the investigators of the TFR has received the Deputy head of the Perm Department of the Agency Dmitry Anashchenko (photo) 15.6 mln rubles, or by almost 6 million rubles more than in 2014.

Foreign real estate, owned or used by members of the Investigative Committee and members of their families, mainly located in the CIS countries — Ukraine, Transnistria and Kazakhstan. For example, the wife of the first Deputy head of the personnel Department SKR of Andrey Radchenko owns a house, land and apartment in Ukraine.

The exception is the spouse of the Deputy head of the Altai TFR Igor Turutina: she has two apartments in Spain — each with an area of 53 sq. m.

National guard leadership has earned less than security forces in other departments. Leader in a newly created structure, the Deputy commander of the Siberian regional command of internal troops at the rear of the Vladimir Bloodless (9.2 million rubles).

The head of nazvanii Victor gold (pictured) only in third place — he has earned 6,3 million rubles. army General pointed out the entire property, which was not previously in his Declaration. According to the Fund of struggle against corruption, its cost may be about 900 million rubles.

The wealthiest, according to income, wives of security officers earned in 2015, more than the leaders by revenues among their high-ranking spouses. In the first place was the wife of the head of the investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Alexander Savenkov (pictured). She declared an income 72,2 mln RUB it owns the apartment with an area of 123.1 sq. m and half of the apartment with an area 170,8 sq. m.

The Prosecutor’s office the rich wife became the wife of Sahak Karapetyan (pictured), who holds the post of the head of Department of international legal cooperation. She indicated an income of almost 43 million rubles. it owns two land plots with a total area of 1189 sq. m, two houses (213,5 sq. m and 38 sq. m) and a garage as well as share in the amount of one third in three plots (total area 11 926 sq. m) and three non-residential premises (11 729,5 sq. m). It goes on the car Mercedes-Benz G 280.

Among the wives of investigators earned more than just the wife of the Deputy administrator of management SKR across Tatarstan Ruslan Zalyaliev (pictured), which grew 23.6 million RUB She also owns Mercedes GLK 220 and two apartments with a total area 260,6 sq. m.

The largest area belongs to the wife of the Deputy chief of the Magadan Department of the interior Azamat Kudakaeva (pictured) — has a plot with an area of 22.3 sq. km. In the second place, the Deputy head of the North Caucasian TFR Michael Lamonova — almost 15.8 sq. km of land.

The wife of the Deputy head of the investigation Department in Buryatia Sergey Bazarov (pictured) the biggest Parking space — more than 1.5 hectares.

Fractional ownership in the biggest areas specified in the declarations of the interior Ministry. For example, the spouse of the Deputy chief Organizational-analytical Department of the Ministry Alexander alymova owns a share in a plot area of 62.9 sq. km. the Wife of an official from the interior Ministry 1/3004 owns a share or two hectares. And the wife of the Krasnodar University Oleg Bulgakov owns a share of 1/1260 in the plot with an area of 59.2 per sq km (4.7 hectares).

Property in Spain, but also Austria, France, Spain, Finland, Germany and Switzerland and indicated in the Declaration of the Ministry of internal Affairs, but it is in the use of the authorities in these countries.

In Armenia there is a property from the family of adviser to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika of Mnatsakan Sargsyan (pictured), who previously held the post of Deputy Prosecutor General of Armenia. His wife owns an apartment there (83,6 sqm) and a garage.