“Kaspersky” reported about the risk of hacking smartphones when they are charging via USB

To charge smartphones via USB from computers the “not so safe”, this is the conclusion of experts “Kaspersky Lab”. This was reported on the website of the company.

Charging the phone from the PC, opens the way for the system to hackers and could lead to data theft and device infection of malware, the company said. The experiment was conducted with smartphones running operating systems Android and iOS. Testing showed that when connected to the computer, they automatically exchange certain data set, in particular we can talk about firmware, serial number, information about the operating and file systems.

According to the expert of these data are available to criminals. This can be done through one of the modem commands, restarting the smartphone in a mode of firmware updates. As a result of these actions on the device can be discreetly installed application to manage the file system, which cannot be deleted standard means”, — noted in the company.

In this case, the phone will be fully compromised, although user data is and will remain in place, experts explain. This method allows you to install and uninstall applications, copy messages, photos and videos, the app cache and files, encrypt and delete data”, they say.

In “Kaspersky Lab” told about the known cases of data theft from smartphones when connected via USB. This, for example, was engaged in cybergroove “Red October”. Its members “determined by the model used by the victim and carried out the attack with the help of a special exploit,” added the company.

“Kaspersky lab suggested a few ways to avoid hacking when charging from USB. Among them — set a strong password, using encryption technology and phone on / off while charging.