From the Treaty Albats with “Echo of Moscow” removed the paragraph about the “inconsistent themes”

From the new project of the employment contract of the journalist Yevgenia Albats the radio station “Echo of Moscow” removed the paragraph about the requirements for the conduct of its programs. About this “Vedomosti” said the chief editor of the station Alexei Venediktov. The information was confirmed by the CEO of the radio station Ekaterina Pavlova.

According to Venediktova, the project has already been agreed, it is aimed Albats for approval.

At the same time, the source of “Vedomosti” in the “echo of Moscow” said that Albats has repeatedly signed such a contract. He has not changed since 2014 and is valid for all part-time employees, explained Pavlova. Edition reviewed document that Albats was signed in December 2015, and found that in it were written the same requirements as in the agreement, which this time the journalist refused to sign.

Albats, who is the chief editor of The News Times, the program is “Full Albats” on “echo of Moscow”. As stated before Venediktov, Pavlova around it Albats offered a new contract. It States that leading “is not entitled to speak text or perform other actions that violate commonly accepted norms of morality”, and there is a clause according to which “inconsistent topics, questions, and other information may not be voiced in the course of doing radio programmes”. According to Venediktova, Albats took this as censorship.