Estonia urged NATO to deploy in the Baltic States Patriot air defense system

NATO should consider increasing the number of combat aircraft in the Baltic region, as well as a plan for deploying the Patriot air defense system, said in an interview with the Financial Times, the commander in chief of the army of Estonia Riho Terras.

“Very important is our ability to self-defense. What we need [for this] is the possibility to place objects of air defense”, — he said. According to terrace, Russia is behaving “opportunistically”: “If they have any chance, they’ll jump through the window to use it”.

“The Baltic States can be considered as an island”, — said the head of the Estonian army, Recalling that they are close to Russia.

NATO plans to deploy in Europe extra strength. As was said by the Deputy Minister of defence of the USA Robert Wark, it is connected by numerous military exercises with the participation of a large number of soldiers that Russia spends on its borders. According to the Wall Street Jounal, the region needs to be sent 4 thousand military: it was planned that the United States will provide two battalions — about 2 thousand soldiers, while Germany and Britain — another one. However, later edition, citing its sources reported that the United States will send only one battalion. To form a combined battalion Washington asked Norway and Denmark, but the two countries, the WSJ wrote, shying away from it.

On 8-9 July in Warsaw will host a NATO summit. The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that it will be solved as to adapt to the new situation in the field of security, including “the aggressive policy of Russia”. “For us it is important to prevent the outbreak of war. If we are strong and steadfast, if we work together, we scare a potential enemy, he will not even think about attacking any of the members of NATO,” he said.