The court has entered supervision procedure in “Glavmosstroy” Oleg Deripaska

The Building Of “Glavmosstroy”. Archive photo

The arbitration court of Moscow has entered supervision procedure into the companies “Glavmosstroy”, said in its press release. Thus the court satisfied the request of OOO “Federal cargo Company”. Observation introduced by six months, until 23 November.

The situation in “Glavmosstroy” explained “a significant drop in the demand for services construction contracts from corporate and government customers, with no advance payments under a number of contracts, the extremely high cost of borrowing, a sharp rise in price of construction materials and inflationary pressures in General, fixed-price contracts”.

However, in a press release stressed that the debt on a salary before employees is missing. For current projects the procedure for monitoring impact will, Glavmosstroy perform the obligation on their end.

In August last year the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma from the CPRF Andrew Klychkov said that the workers “Glavmosstroy” went on strike because of wage arrears near under construction 17-storey residential building in the South-East of Moscow. Then he said that on 28 July, the workers received an advance in April and since then no prospect of obtaining money cannot be seen”. In this regard, the Deputy sent a request to the Moscow Prosecutor’s office, State labour Inspectorate and the Deputy mayor on urban policy and construction Marat Husnullin.

A month later, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of non-payment of salaries in “Glavmosstroy”. “According to investigators, from September 2014 to January 2015, unidentified persons from among the leadership of JSC “Glavmosstroy” in violation of the Constitution, labour legislation and conditions of labour contracts concluded with employees of the specified companies, subject to availability of financial opportunities are not paid wages and other payments to more than 200 employees of this organization totaling more than 76 million rubles”, — have noted in SKR.

In “Glavmosstroy” then stated that the reasons for the delay of wages are objective, and that “there is no reason to suspect the company of deliberate intention not to comply with the statutory deadlines according to the calculations and employees”.

The company claimed that for the period employee obligations met in full. “The repayment of current debt is conducted in accordance with the timetable agreed, including with the Moscow city Committee of trade Union of builders”, — emphasized in “Glavmosstroy”.

“Glavmosstroy — one of the largest construction holdings in Russia. Included in the group “Basic element” Oleg Deripaska.