“MegaFon” has launched a messaging app with a paid call

Operator “MegaFon” has launched its own app for making calls and sending messages via the Internet eMotion, said company representatives at a press conference in Moscow on Wednesday, may 25. The amount of investment in the project company did not disclose. The service works over Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

Through the service you can call to other users as eMotion, and any phone numbers, told the Director of IP services of the company “Megalabs” (“daughter” of “MegaFon”, which developed the app) Vyacheslav Isaykin. According to him, this is the main difference of the service from existing instant messengers which allow you to talk only with app downloaded by users (e.g. WhatsApp).

Calls through eMotion will be paid: 0,8 rubles per minute of conversation with the subscriber of “MegaFon”, 1,5 rbl. — the rest room around the world. Moreover, if the recipient has a package rate, for calls through eMotion will have to pay separately. In addition, the operator will charge for the traffic — if a customer calls with a mobile Internet, not Wi-Fi. Sending messages to users will be eMotion free, and the price of SMS to other numbers will be set depending on the rate of the subscriber.

The ability to call regular phones have the Skype service. Although conversations between users of messenger free, call from Skype to mobile and landline numbers are charged. Calls, for example, in Russia, there are between 2.3 to 10 cents per minute (about 1.5-to 6.6 rubles), follows from the information on the website Skype. Phone calls can and instant messenger users Viber conversations are from 3.2 to 6.3 rubles. per minute. “MegaFon” is not going to compete with other messengers, he says, but adds: “calls to a landline number we will be cheaper than other services”.

“MegaFon” has already attempted to create the messenger. In 2011, the company has created the app “Multifon” to call other users of the service. The number of active app users in 2015 has reached 200 thousand, but now a management “the Megaphone” has decided that it is out of date. “Multifon” will cease to exist, and its current users “transferred” to the new service. The main differences from the eMotion of “Multifon” — the ability to write messages and “friendly interface”, said Isaikin.

MegaFon is not the first of the Russian operators has launched its messenger. In December 2015, about the new service announced MTS: the app is called MTS Connect calls and messages, it also paid their price corresponds to the rates of subscribers, but Internet traffic is not charged. MTS has invested in the project more than 100 million rubles.