Medvedev said the residents of Crimea about the lack of money for the indexation of pensions

Video of the conversation the heads of government of the Crimea appeared on YouTube on 23 may. The movie also was published in the edition “Crimea.Realities”.

On the record shows how an old woman complains to Medvedev that “on pension it is impossible to live”. In her words, “the prices are crazy, the indexing wrong account”.

“What is 8 Grand? The wipe feet on us! We are forty five years, we have nothing to pay. You said indexing is where she is in the Crimea indexing?”, — asks a woman Prime Minister.

In response, Medvedev said that indexing “nowhere”. “Just no money. Find the money — will do the indexing, the Prime Minister said. — You stay here, you all the best, good mood and health.”

Yesterday the Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget Andrey Makarov told RBC that the pension of the Russians will not be indexed up to the September elections of the state Duma. Another source of RBC said that it is a question of amendments to the budget, which will be discussed the new composition of the lower house in the autumn. In 2016 the Russians pensions were indexed by only 4%, which is three times lower than the actual inflation in 2015, which, according to Rosstat, was 12.9%.

Last week, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov suggested that the Russians need to take care of the size of their future pension. “The current level of pension provision allows us to have an average pension of about 12-13 thousand rubles. per month, – said Siluanov. – the employee must understand that if he will not participate in the formation of pension savings, the level of the pension will be what it is today”.