The income of the heads of leading Russian companies have increased despite the crisis

In the past three years, despite the economic crisis, the incomes of heads of the largest Russian companies grew, while net profit growth rate lagged behind the remuneration of top managers. This is stated in the RBC study in which was analyzed the dynamics of changes in the net profit and rewards key staff 15 Russian companies, which have the greatest weight in the MICEX index. The study was conducted based on data from reporting companies.

In the amount of the remuneration of top managers and Directors of the 15 analyzed companies at the end of 2015 amounted to 63.8 billion rubles, This amount increased for 2014 (58,1 bln RUB.) and compared to pre-crisis year 2013 (56.5 billion rubles). The growth was respectively 10 and 13%.

Out of a sample of 15 companies revenue growth of top managers in 2015 showed ten. The leader in this category was “Norilsk Nickel” in which 13 Board members and 13 members of the Board of Directors in the aggregate paid 3.7 billion rubles. It is 2.4 times more than in 2014 and 45% more than in 2013.

As explained RBC representative of “Norilsk Nickel”, the increase in the remuneration of top managers has occurred in connection with the net profit of the company in rouble terms from 2013, it has grown more than fourfold — from 24.4 billion to 105.1 billion. This happened on the background of falling Nickel prices doubled from $16.9 million to $8.7 million per ton. To compensate for the loss helped the devaluation of the national currency (the ruble since 2013, it has depreciated against the dollar by 2.5 times — from 30.35 to 73,52 rubles per dollar). and reducing transaction costs.

In the second place the rate of growth of remuneration paid to executives was in the Moscow exchange (49,4%) followed by NOVATEK (25,1%), Magnit (19,3%), “Tatneft” (13.9 percent).

The greatest reduction of income management occurred in “Severstal”. In 2015, the company paid key management personnel RUR 0.6 bln., which is 30% less than in 2014 (RUB 0.9 billion), and twice less than in 2013 (RUB 1.24 billion). Thus the profit of the company since 2013 has increased 12 times, from 2.7 billion to 34.4 billion rubles, the Representative of “Severstal” have explained that the reorganization of the management structure of the company.

The study showed that the net profit of companies and banks still have not returned to pre-crisis level. For 2015 the analyzed company earned of 3.04 trillion rubles, which is 5% less compared to pre-crisis 2013 (3.2 trillion RUB). In 2014, the top 15 companies received $ 2.4 trillion rubles of net profit.