Roskomnadzor cited a possible source of data leaks car owners

Base numbers of vehicles with data of their owners, which appeared on the Internet, “with high probability” could be compiled from publicly available sources — previously published accounts in social networks, forums and message boards. To such conclusion came from Roskomnadzor, which on the basis of citizens ‘ appeals analyzed the website data The audit office has published on his page in Facebook.

Roskomnadzor called the database of car owners, which is the administrator of the site, “limited”, because it is possible to find information not on all cars. “With the introduction of a significant number of license plates of the vehicle search system of the website for information about their owners is not provided”, — stated in the message Department. This means that the database of the traffic police could not be the source of the information, specifies of Roskomnadzor.

Moreover, the website does not provide personal data of car owners, the report says. Name, part of phone number, car model and its number can be considered as personal data only if there is additional information that allow to refer this information to a specific person. On the website no such data, Roskomnadzor stressed.

On the website the chat-bot portal in messenger Telegram says that the base is formed by the users themselves that add the data through a special form. The service is designed to search for car owners, for example, in the case that they leave the car blocking the exit. Also you can use it to alert the car owner if he, for example, a flat tyre or was the door ajar, as stated in the description of the service. Enough to drive a car number to get results in the phone number of the owner.

The interlocutors of “Vedomosti” newspaper, whose car numbers and mobile phone was in the database of the website, said that there was no data on it they would not leave. Deputy General Director Rustem Khayretdinov, InfoWatch told the newspaper that, most likely, the site uses a database of traffic police or some other organization, a private detective Sergei Drykin considered data compilation “not the freshest” bases of traffic police and insurance companies.

Roskomnadzor will “systematically monitor the activities of the site” warned the Agency.