The average price of Lada cars exceeded half a million rubles

Crossover Lada Xray in one of the showrooms

In the first quarter of 2016 the average price of the new Lada cars totaled 502,8 thousand RUB this is evidenced by the quarterly reporting of AVTOVAZ and the Association of European businesses (AEB). In January-March AVTOVAZ sold 56,9 thousand of Lada cars by 28.6 billion rubles.

The average price of Lada grew by 20.5% in comparison with January-March last year. The rate of growth of the Russian brand ahead of cars whose average price during the same period increased by 17%, to 1.6 million rubles., estimated by “AUTOSTAT”.

Still the average cost of Lada did not exceed 500 thousand rubles. At the end of last year, based on data of AEB and AVTOVAZ, the Tolyatti car automaker was worth an average of 443.4 th thousand rubles in the previous quarter the average price was 472,3 thousand RUB

The growth of prices for Lada is partly due to market two new models of AVTOVAZ, Vesta and Xray, explain the two dealer stamps. The sale of Vesta in the base set for 514 thousand RUB began at the end of November 2015, Xray – in mid-February with a base price of 589 thousand rubles. But in the beginning of sales of the plant has not shipped the initial version of models, so the price on them was above, add the interlocutors RBC. In the first quarter, dealers sold 9,2 thousand cars of Vesta, Xray – 2,5 thousand cars. On these models accounted for over 20% of sales of AVTOVAZ in the same period.

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The representative of AVTOVAZ did not respond to a request RBC.

Forced AvtoVAZ to increase Lada Sean to cover the costs of production, inflation, devaluation of the ruble and rising prices for automotive spare parts, said Vladimir Bespalov from “FTC Capital”. Due to the growth of the average price of the factory managed in the first quarter of 2016 to keep the volume of market in monetary terms, despite the decline of sales of Lada by 17%. However, the costs of the company still exceed its revenues, follows from omenesti of AVTOVAZ according to IFRS for the first quarter:40.4 billion, compared to 38.4 billion rubles This means that Lada will continue to go up, says Bespalov.

In the first quarter of 2016, the net loss of AVTOVAZ grew by 48 times, up to RUB 8.6 billion For the whole of last year the Togliatti automaker received a record net loss of 74 billion RUB 4 April 2016 the new President of the company was appointed the former head of the Romanian Dacia, Nicolas Maure, succeeding Bo Andersson.