The US state Department warned the business about the “clear risks” when visiting the SPIEF

The headquarters of the US state Department in Washington

As reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to the official representative of the American foreign Ministry, the US government “made it clear to American companies that there are obvious risks — both economic and reputational, associated with their cooperation with the authorities intervening in the Affairs of neighboring countries”, — said the representative of the state Department.

According to him, the leadership of each company has adopted its own decision, however, “most U.S. companies recognize that participation in this forum sends a bad signal about the acceptability of Russia’s actions,” added the us representative.

A condition of resuming normal business relations by the us state Department called Russia’s fulfillment of Minsk agreements and return Ukraine to the Crimea.

In late April, the newspaper Le Matin reported that the American diplomats urged the Swiss businessmen to go from 16 to 18 June in Saint Petersburg and offered the authorities of the Confederation to make a recommendation to the traders.

In 2016 the St. Petersburg economic forum for the third time will be held in terms of sanctions. It is expected that foreigners “political star” of the forum will be the head of the Italian government Matteo Renzi, speaking in December of last year for the abolition of restrictions against Russia.