The taking of hostages in the branch Bank in the East of Moscow

On Wednesday evening, may 18, occurred hostage-taking in the Department of “Moscow credit Bank” on the street may day in the East of Moscow. A man armed with a pistol, took hostage six people and demanded to give him 4 million 700 thousand rbl. and €13 thousand

Representatives of special services have been negotiating with attacked the Bank around 2 hours, during which they released the five hostages, after which the premises of the Bank except the attacker was only a cashier. She barricaded herself in an armored room, and was, according to police, is safe.

The attacker was killed by the officer who entered the premises under the guise of a negotiator. In a capital Central Board of the Ministry of interior announced that the decision the employee made because of a bomb threat because the assailant were carrying could be improvised explosive device, but the Bank branch is located in five-storey residential building.