Google introduced the voice assistant on the house

The voice assistant on home Google Home will be presented on Wednesday, may 18, at the annual developers conference held by the company, told The New York Times informed sources, speaking on condition of anonymity. According to their information, the device is a software application based on artificial intelligence technology that can answer simple questions and perform basic tasks.

A Google spokesperson refused to give comments to the NYT about the new items.

Google Home goes on the market this fall, the newspaper reports. The device, according to the NYT, is seen as a rival voice assistant Amazon Echo appeared on the market less than two years ago and has already sold around three million copies.

Google Home eye is not disclosed, and Amazon Echo can order a taxi through the service Uber, the pizza company Domino’s, check the schedule of fitness activities to Fitbit and to pick up news of the election campaign from NBC.

Other technology companies are also engaged in the development of voice assistants on the basis of artificial intelligence. Apple back in October 2011, she presented a multilingual voice assistant Siri, which can manage your contacts, launch apps, set alarms and take notes.

Facebook in August 2015 began testing the voice assistant M. It is intended to be embedded in the Facebook Messenger app, so you can use it to choose and order on the Internet products and services, and communicate with other users.