The cheapest car in the world in Russia will cost twice the price

Indian automaker Bajaj Auto in September-October of this year will begin deliveries to Russia of the car Qute, which is considered the cheapest in the world, according to Bajaj distributor in Russia East West Motors. The cost of a Qute in India is $2 thousand In Russia, the price of the model will begin from 300 thousand rbl., i.e. more than two times higher than in India. (about $4.5 thousand at the exchange rate on 18 may).

Qute was put into production in September 2015. It’s a four-seater with a single-cylinder petrol engine of the motorcycle power 13.5 HP Machine weighs 400 kg and accelerates to 70 km/h.

“The claimed fuel consumption — less than 2.8 liters per 100 kilometers. Planned release methane and propane. Model in India is worth $2 thousand, making it the cheapest in the world. So far this title belonged to another Indian “people’s car” — the Tata Nano, which starts from $3 thousand”, — stated in the message.

According to documents Qute is classified as a Quad bike, to be driven in Russia the automotive category of rights — V.

Previously the CEO of East West Motors Alexander Alekseev reported that in 2016 the distributor is planning to implement in Russia, 200-300 Indian Qute. As noted in a conversation with RBC, Executive Director of “AUTOSTAT” Sergei Udalov, the Qute is unlikely to be popular in Russia: for the same money you can purchase a car with great functionality and comfort on the secondary market. The machine can be interesting as a commercial vehicle due to low operating costs, e.g. for Express delivery, said Alekseev.